She was there. All pink and gold and glittery.

Month: September, 2011

“If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.”

One year ago today I left America and headed to Europe, beginning a trip that would [unknowingly] change the course of my life.  I was headed for London and then off to Paris to explore the cities of knights and lights.  I imagined Paris to be everything I hoped it would be- a bundle of fashion, wealth and sophistication.  Little did I know that it would be London that would capture my attention and steal me away from the place I’ve called home for twenty two years.  I expected London to be an experience and just that- a place which was both unique and exciting to visit but that would leave me with only fond memories and nothing else.  That all changed within my first hour in the city.  Heading to my hotel I saw that the police drive BMW’s and the garbage men drive Mercedes.  The double-decker buses were recently redesigned by Aston Martin.  These were my people and I was home.

London created within me a desire to see more and to travel the world.  The minute I got home I set my sights on finding ways to get to England.  For good.  After weeks of research, I found that my only option was the one thing I vowed never to do.  Return to school.  However, my love for the city far outweighed my disinterest in school and I took the plunge- I applied to 13 schools in the UK and crossed my fingers, hoping for the best.  Now, here I am, one year later and I’m one week away from my move to London.

We’ll consider this the official launch of my blog.  Here’s hoping that very soon my entries will tell the tale of how Prince Harry meets [and falls madly in love] with an American girl from the East Coast.    Until then, this will be the place where I can hopefully keep you up-to-date on my adventures and misfortunes in the “City of Knights”.  I’ll pepper each entry with quotes on life, dreams, and travel.  I’ll add pictures, which will hopefully chronicle my day-t0-day activities.  I’ll work to give you the best representation of my life in London, a city much too hard to limit to words and pictures, but I will do my best to bring the city home to you.

Welcome to my blog.


London is Burning

“I’ve just come home after 15 hours of trying to police a riot. I’m glad to be home, I will sit at my daughter’s bedside and just be glad that I am able to sit there and watch her sleep, and I will watch her for a few hours I am sure. Some of my colleagues will have to wait a few hours more to see their families, after they have been treated and released from hospital. But this isn’t about my family. It’s about all those families whose businesses have gone – set alight, looted, defaced. My God I’m so sorry for them. We just never had a chance. This isn’t how I should feel, I never thought that I would feel this, ever. As one officer said to me, “I’ll wake up tomorrow and I hope I’ll realise I’ve just had the worst dream I’ve ever had”. To everyone affected – I’m so sorry. We can take the violence. We just couldn’t combat the greed, the hatred, the selfishness. That scum will not win. I’ll work every hour, for not a penny more, to get justice for those who have lost everything.”

London Police Officer, 9/8/2011