What we leave behind us is a part of ourselves. We must die to one life before we can enter another.

by scd116

Just taking a minute to point out that I have officially come full circle (not for the first time) in this journey.  Today is two years to the day when I left America and headed for Europe for the first time.  From that point on, my life changed in ways I never would have predicted.  All for the better, though.  I’m not sure if it’s fitting or depressing that when I step off European soil tomorrow, I will be remembering how it felt to step onto it for the first time just as dawn was breaking over London that morning two years ago.  A time that feels both so far away, yet close enough to have been yesterday.

Consider this a teaser for the post that will officially wrap up this blog.  Returning tomorrow with the full sentiment of how greatly changed I am by this experience and what it has all meant to me.